Additional Info


What is brain gym?

The main focus is to give all children an easier, happy start to schooling and life. It helps to develop physical connections, neurological connections to be made and vice versa, through integrating exercises and activities. The excercise and activities are designed to promote better communication within the brain and from brain to body. To gain better concentration, reading, writing, memory, co-ordination, self expression, conceptualisation, balance and focus.  These activities also help to strengthen the upper arms which in turn prepares  children for fine motor activities including writing.

We will do brain gym to music and through excercise for 10 minutes every session, also encouraging all children to drink water regularly throughout the session.


We provide healthy options/self service snack which encourages all children to become independent and healthy. We provide fresh water and milk throughout the session.  Drinking water regularly,  is very important to children's development and concentration.


Children are asked to bring their own lunch. We encourage lunches to have healthy options.  Please refer to the Healthy Eating Board in the main room for ideas for your child's packed lunch.

Breakfast and Tea are available for children over 2 years who require additional care before and after 9am - 4pm.