Curriculum Statement

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

 It is a requirement for all settings who receive Government funding to provide early years education in the form of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Whilst your child is attending our setting he/she will work within the EYFS profile.  He/she will continue working within this curriculum when they attend school until they reach Key stage 1.

There are seven areas of learning:-

 Each area of learning is broken down into aspects aimed to meet the Early Learning goals. For example:-

Self-confidence and self-awareness.

Making relationships.

Managing feelings and behaviour.

These aspects are then broken down into stages of development.  The stages of development are referred to in months of the child’s age. For example: - Personal, social and emotional development-

 Aspect – Self-confidence and self-awareness.

16-26 months –gradually able to engage in pretend play with toys.

22 -36 months –express own preferences and interests.

30-50 months - Shows confidence in asking adults for help. 

 Children will be observed and activities planned to assist them meeting the stages of development through their play within the setting both indoors and outdoors.

Your child’s key person will have a meeting with you to discuss the document in more detail.  The EYFS document is available to download online:

Download:     searching using the ref 00012-2007BKT-EN

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